Metropolitan Avenue United Methodist Church

  3730 Metropolitan Avenue    
  Kansas City, KS  66106              
  Phone: (913)831-4531                  
Pastor & Wife
  Pastor Cruz Guerra & Wife Rosie
  After the armed services and a firefighter career
  Pastor Cruz accepted the call to the ministry.

MAUMC Spotlight

Carol Moody Meet Carol Moody. Perhaps the first thing you will notice is the most beautiful and genuine smile that you have ever seen. But behind that wonderful smile is a person who has been and continues to be a mainstay at MAUMC. Carol's years as the financial secretary have been a blessing to both the church and those who contribute to its support. With that demanding task comes a position on the finance committee to add to her work with worship and personnel. If there is a challenging task around MAUMC, Carol's name is alway one of the first to come up. She and husband Jeff, who for many years did a superb job of maintaining the church grounds and the yard equipment, are vital parts of MAUMC and its mission to serve God's will. We are proud to have Carol in the MAUMC Spotlight.
Here are some individuals who have a special need for your thoughts and prayers.
Barbara Brown; Ron Goddard; Lenore Jeffries; Jeanette Marck's brother; Jeff Moody's brother; Virginia Stainbrook; Elsie Hinote(Connie's mother); Brandy Tobiason; Beverly Walling; Kelly, Betty Moore, & Carol(Janie Wilson's daughter, sister, friend); Marlyn Wise's brother;

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